I felt all the fear, but I did it anyway.

Welcome! I’m Selma, and my journey has been shaped by a deep commitment to energy, health, and wellbeing for leaders, entrepreneurs, and companies.

I’ve experienced firsthand the challenges of burnout and depression, which prompted my exploration into holistic wellbeing. This journey led me to understand the profound impact of maintaining a balanced lifestyle on both personal and professional success.

As a lifelong learner, I immersed myself in understanding how the mind influences our wellbeing and productivity. Through nutrition, personal development and certifications in NLP, relationship coaching, and all-round coaching, I’ve honed techniques to empower individuals to achieve optimal mental and physical health.

I have more than 8 years of experience as a certified coach, having successfully coached over 400 professionals.


Fall down seven times, stand up eight.

Since 2018, I got into entrepreneurship without any prior experience. My first two businesses ended in failure, which taught me a valuable lesson: entrepreneurship is as much about personal development, where resilience, self-discovery, and growth are just as essential as strategic planning and business expertise.

After coaching people on building their online businesses for years, I had a big realization: success is 80% mindset and only 20% strategy. I’ve seen talented individuals struggle while others with less talent but more confidence, better routines, and a focus on wellbeing thrive.

This insight completely changed my approach. I started prioritizing mental clarity, energy levels, and overall wellbeing in my coaching. I believe that when you take care of your mind and body, you not only feel better but also achieve more in your business and life.

This shift inspired me to pivot my business. Now, I’m passionate about helping others achieve holistic success combining health, energy and mindset coaching with practical strategies to build thriving businesses and lead fulfilling lives.

International experience

Having lived and worked in over 6 different cities including New York City, Sydney, Bali, Barcelona, and Dakar. I’ve gained extensive insights into diverse international cultures, work strategies, and work cultures. 

Also working as a digital nomad across the globe for several years has provided me with a deep understanding of how to navigate various work environments while maintaining a balanced, healthy and fulfilling life. How to keep a good work-life balance. 

This unique lifestyle has taught me invaluable lessons in staying focused and aligned with work responsibilities while staying healthy and happy. Creating more discipline, adapting to different time zones, and embracing cultural diversity, all of which contribute to a harmonious work-life balance.


ondernemen tips
ondernemen tips

A few fun facts
about me

If you knew me you would know that…

  • I love popcorn but when making it I always burn half of it
  • I have lived and worked all over the world 50+ countries visited
  • I did a volunteering project in Senegal which got on CNN
  • I worked with a lot of  Victoria Secret models in NYC
  • I survived on a desert island for two weeks
  • My biggest hobby is kitesurfing

    If you want to know more about me feel free to look around on my website, read my blog, my reviews, listen to my podcast or download my freebies. Also, don’t be shy to reach out to me! Send me a DM on instagram or fill in my contact page.

Love & Gratitude,


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